Robust high-end screenboards®
Solutions for the railway and industry.

High-end Screenboards® for rail vehicles
Visualization solutions for applications under difficult conditions

All information immediately available in the driver's cab

On the tracks. On the road. At the construction site. In the field. With Pixy, you drive on the safe side. Our visualization solutions can be found in the driver's cabs of all kinds of vehicles on all continents and with impeccable Swiss production quality. 

Pixy is one of the world's leading providers of displays and visualizations for rail vehicles. Our Screenboards® form the interface between man and machine (Human Machine Interface – HMI). We configure these extremely robust devices with our powerful integrated software and tailor them to the wishes of vehicle manufacturers and railway operators. 

The displays show exactly what drivers and control rooms need and want to know in order to make their decisions: speed, door status, brake pressure, power supply, video surveillance – in short, everything relevant to safe operation and the secure transport of people and goods alike. Reliable, durable, and long-lasting – especially under extreme conditions. 

Our demands on ourselves are more than just demands. They are a promise to you: Keeping your visibility on the safe side.



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