Equipped for use under extreme conditions

High humidity in tropical regions, freezing cold, drought, storms, heavy rain: different climatic and weather conditions prevail in every corner of the earth. Depending on the region, the weather changes within a very short time. A failure or defect in military equipment can have fatal consequences for human lives. An army depends on the reliability of its vehicles day and night and in every situation. 

Pixy Screenboards® are equipped with the latest technology for use under extreme conditions. Certified in accordance with the internationally recognized strict MIL standard of the USA, they can be used in all types of vehicles - from armored vehicles for passenger transport to goods transport vehicles, from construction and engineering vehicles to heavy equipment for emergency and evacuation services. Our touchscreens are easy to use and react immediately to every input. Thus, even under extreme conditions and in stressful situations, uncertainty never arises. Those who have to depend on the highest standards and safety of their vehicles are making the right choice with Pixy Screenboards®.

In full confidence

Questions of security are questions of trust. Get to know us and learn how our Screenboards® contribute to human and vehicular safety.




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