Reliable on the high seas

High color fidelity, high resolution, 100 percent reliability even on the high seas, excellent IP protection, protection against corrosion (against salt) and vibration: equipment used in the command center of a ship must meet the highest requirements. Pixy Screenboards® do just that. They are ideal for use in shipping. 

When it comes to controlling or monitoring data, depending on the intended use, the area of application and the size, a wide variety of information can be displayed simultaneously. You save space and benefit from maximum flexibility in the display of all desired data. Even when used 24 hours a day on control consoles and ship bridges, Pixy displays do an excellent job and make an impression with their proverbial longevity. They are suitable for large container and cargo ships as well as ferries, cruise ships and other passenger ships.

Take the helm

Grab the helm - and the telephone receiver. We'll show you how Pixy's Screenboards® can get your fleet moving.

Politano Dr. Diego
Dr. Diego Politano
Managing Director
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