Award-winning solution for the rough demands of industry

The extremely robust Pixy displays are ideal for harsh industrial use. As vehicle terminals, the Screenboards® operate non-stop with maximum reliability. The requirements placed on displays in industrial vehicles - such as construction machinery or heavy transport machines - are high: they must be just as resistant to shocks as they are to vibrations; in addition, drivers must be able to read and operate them perfectly even under difficult conditions. 

The consequences of dew, water ingress or fogging of LCD and touch components are just as taboo as the ingress of dirt. The Pixy displays are optimally prepared for tough use in the construction, transport, agricultural and mining industries. From sensors for GPS and tilt angle to tracking or other information: virtually any type of data can be visualized and processed with our Screenboards®. In construction vehicles as well as in tractors, in intercity trucks as well as in special transport or refrigerated vehicles.

Now your business is warming up

Pixy Screenboards® open up completely new monitoring and control possibilities in all types of industrial vehicles. Just ask us. We provide you with personal and enthusiastic advice.

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