The Rhaetian Railway relies on the latest generation of hardware and software

The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) is getting 14 new control cars and will install highly efficient Pixy displays in the driver's cab of each.  SIP-100 is the latest generation of HMIs (Human Machine Interface) to be rolled out. In addition, the RhB has also decided to have the complete application developed by Pixy. This could be realized quickly and cost-effectively with the Pixy Application Designer (PAD).

In the future, the RhB will benefit from this arrangement in terms of obsolescence and the further development of the application. The Rhaetian Railway is a high-performance leisure, commuter, and freight transport company. With its unique mountain railway lines, UNESCO World Heritage listing, the Glacier Express and Bernina Express, it has been providing fascinating railway experiences across Graubünden since 1889. What began in 1889 with the opening of the line between Landquart and Klosters is today a 384km long rail network in the middle of Switzerland's high mountains. As Switzerland's largest Alpine railway with around 1,500 employees, it transports around 10 million passengers and over 500,000 tonnes of goods every year. The RhB has now installed Pixy's SIP-100 in its 14 control cars. These are used on the UNESCO Albula line, among others. RhB uses the programming tool PAD (Pixy Application Designer). Although Pixy created the application, the RhB will develop it further in the future. Compared to the previous version, a visually very similar application was created to meet the wishes of train drivers and retain the familiar layout; it also has crucial advantages: There is more space available on the display as well as far greater clarity, all the important information can be read quickly and easily. This is very well received by train drivers. Basically, the implementation of an application can be as customized as needed. With this combination of hardware and software, RhB has successfully modernized its train control and monitoring system and can look toward the future with confidence. PAD also ensures self-sufficiency in terms of programming the applications: Over time, changes to optimize the system can be implemented very easily, as needed. In addition, obsolescence is a thing of the past: Hardware generation changes are replaced by software updates and the RhB no longer has to deal with the time-consuming process of adapting the application to new hardware configurations. Flexibility was a key factor for the RhB in order to be able to react quickly to changing requirements. Another retrofit project of RhB envisages that 6 shunters will also be equipped with PAD and the 10.4-inch SIP-100, including an auxiliary status display and color backlit keyboard. RhB will create its own application in this case. Pixy AG has received a lot of praise from RhB for this project, with its professional and fast support receiving special recognition. Pixy is one of the leading manufacturers of visualization solutions for the railway industry. Today, more than 40,000 Pixy displays are in service globally around the clock wherever the need for mobile visualization and rugged industrial conditions meet.




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