Swiss Engineering


Don't stand still. For vehicles which don't stand still.

We're no different from the vehicles in which are products are used: We don't stand still. Pixy develops devices and software which stand out due to their high levels of performance, security, stability, speed and flexibility. But this isn't enough for us. We work tirelessly to continually refine something many already consider perfect. We are always trying to make our devices just that little bit faster, that little bit better, more stable and more powerful – even if that seems almost impossible. Our development department needs something it can get its teeth into after all.

Displaying what's important at that very moment

For us, innovation means combining industrial PCs and Screenboards® in visualization solutions which can do everything: defying extreme heat, cold and vibrations and always reliably displaying what's important at that very moment. Such as the speed, pressure, power, doors, video surveillance, braking, error messages or alarms. Naturally, all these details can also be communicated to control centers in real time. 

40,000 Pixy display are currently in use. Around the world and around the clock. Our Swiss Engineering and Swiss Made labels stand for technical innovation, reliability and longevity. Compliance with the highest industry standards such as DIN EN 50155 for Railway Applications and the IRIS Rev. 02, ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004 certifications is simply a matter of course for us – but nowhere near enough. We are continually opening up new technologies and making them usable for our customers and, first and foremost, for train manufacturers and rail operators.





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