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Pixy develops and produces cab display units for railway applications. We call them Screenboards® and offer them in practically every size and performance category in order to meet the highest demands for safety. The displays work in the extended temperature range of an operating temperature of –40 °F to +158 ºF.  They fulfill every requirement regarding EMC, shocks and vibrations under the European rail industry standard EN 50155. 

Pixy Screenboards® combine robust, durable hardware to the standard of an industrial PC with high-performance software to create a scalable SIL 2 product. As a result, the visualization solutions can be adjusted to precisely suit customers' needs. The high degree of flexibility makes them an indispensable TCMS (train control and management/monitoring system) product for all  rail vehicles: from local passenger trains to long-distance trains, trams to high-speed trains and freight locomotives to mountain railways.

A complete scalable and flexible solution
You profit from an unbeatable advantage: You receive a complete  solution consisting of hardware and software optimally attuned to each other and which can also be used for protecting the train. Every individual device is subjected to the strictest tests. This gives you the assurance that your device will reliably remain in continuous operation under the toughest conditions.   

Pixy's Screenboards® are able to constantly exchange data between the train and a rail operator's control center via stable connections. They therefore form the interface between technology and the person. Their high level of performance, their flexibility and their reliability in depicting and transferring data: All this makes them an essential element of the rail transport of today. The Pixy visualization solutions support rail operators in better utilizing the capacity of their infrastructure and increasing efficiency because their trains can be run more safely, quickly, precisely and flexibly.    

There are basically three different versions available for each Screenboard: with a touchscreen only, with buttons only – or as a combination of the two.


TFT 15.6”
The INC-105 is a 15.6" flat DMI with an Intel Atom processor and LED backlighting. The device support a full HD display and a PCAP with 16:9 format. Is ideal for TCMS and video applications (analog & digital) and contains all standard interfaces.


12.1” -TFT
The SIP-31 is a low-power display, which is designed for standard railway applications like ETCS and TCMS, but also for digital video applications specifically.


12.1” -TFT




10.4'' TFT
SIP-30 is an inexpensive mid-performance device that is preferably used in TCMS applications. Standard interfaces include CAN, Ethernet and USB. Other key features are its long service life, robust components and housing, as well as an appealing design. SIP-30 is easy to program with PAD.




10.4'' TFT
The hardware concept of the SIP-20.xx offers high performance and minimal thermal power loss thanks to a significantly reduced number of parts. The SIP-20.xx has a closed software architecture and comes with standard interfaces and Pixy Linux.


8.4'' TFT


8.4'' TFT


6.5'' TFT

And that's far from all

On these pages we can only show you the basic version of the Screenboards. But there are so many more – and customized versions, specifically tailored to your needs, are also possible. Ask us.

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