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Our Screenboards® run on software which we are continually developing further. Its name: Screensoft®. The software is a crucial component of a reliable and robust visualization solution. Using Screensoft® applications can be programmed – by you as the rail operator or manufacturer and by us as the developer – which are tailored to the Screenboards® and to your wishes. 

Almost anything is possible. You have specific project requirements? Screensoft® will allow them to be fulfilled. Diagnostic applications are just as possible as TCP/IP video applications, using which external and internal cameras can be easily and intuitively operated via a touchscreen and via fieldbus signals. We develop, test and supply the software, also together with our Screenboards® for train control systems such as the European Train Control System (ETCS). 

The permanent further development ensures that you will receive a highly-robust combination of hardware and software which is state-of-the-art. Our first visualization solutions were already being used daily on ETCS lines back in 2001. Naturally, we guarantee that each and every further development of the software will work on existing Screenboards® without any problem. The Screensoft® software can be updated without any restrictions at any time on every device, regardless of how old it is.

With Screensoft®, almost everything is possible.

Do you have a particular application in mind? It can surely be programmed using Screensoft® too. Ask us. Our software specialists will tell you what's possible.

Cao Christoph
Christoph Cao
Head of Engineering
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