Video solution

Tailor-made TCP/IP video solutions

Mobile video applications such as rear-view mirror replacement and door and passenger monitoring are designed from comprehensive specifications and delivered as a complete system to the customer. Pixy's purview of the system as a whole allows us to adapt its individual components to each other in an optimal way. These components include the driver's desk displays (Screenboards®), the corresponding video application (Screensoft®), cameras, data recording devices and switches. The system is high-performance, simple to use and easier to expand than analogue video solutions.



High quality components for a reliable video system 

Before being used on vehicles, components such as cameras, data recorders or LAN switches are extensively tested together with the associated Screenboards® and Screensofts®. In addition to railway suitability (EN50155), the compatibility and adaptability of all components are crucial for the long-term successful use of the entire system.

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Dynamism, flexibility and robustness in one solution -

Pixy's TCP/IP video solutions offer decisive benefits compared with the separate purchase of individual components: the complete application is comprehensively tested and optimised before deployment on the rail vehicle. After entering service, the video solution can be expanded with additional components at any time. This gives the vehicle operator an application that is not only very robust, but also flexible for adaptations and extensions.



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