Total solution for hard- and software

For more than 15 years, for driver’s cabs in railway applications, Pixy has been developing and producing displays called Screenboards®. They are deployed in environments with an extended temperature range (operation at –25 to +70 ºC) and fulfil the EMC, shock and vibration test requirements of European standard EN 50155 for railway applications.

With SIP / PAD Pixy offers a qualitatively complete package for both hard- and software, and covers all common variants from screen size, interfaces to performance. The main advantage: SIP / PAD is an innovative solution - simple, flexible, intelligent and above all cost-effective.

SIP-30 which has been recently introduced into the market, is a flat 10.4" DMI with ARM Cortex-A8 processor and LED backlighting. It is an inexpensive mid-performance device that is typically used in TCMS applications. Standard interfaces include CAN, Ethernet and USB. PAD is the configuration tool which provides an intuitive creation of software applications without programming knowledge. Compared to conventional programming, PAD offers a faster time-to-market as well as, a massive reduction in allover development costs.

All HMIs of the new generation are compatible with PAD, so projects can be transferred to all Pixy displays quickly and easily.




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