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This is normally not a problem.
Not in exceptional cases either.

Pixy's visualization solutions are known for their high reliability during nonstop use, even under the most extreme conditions such as shocks, heat, extremely low temperatures, high humidity and desert climate. 

We guarantee that our devices will work even at such extremes, because our developers know no exception - they subject every single device to the toughest endurance stress tests. 

However, if something should not work as desired, we are of course immediately there for you. Our support experts will provide you with competent, uncomplicated and fast support for any exceptional event. 

Depending on the type of support case, we replace your device immediately, repair it - and provide replacement devices. You can count on it: Pixy is not only there for you in the normal case, but also in every - rare - exceptional case.

Immediately there for you

Do you have a problem with a Pixy device? Give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will correct the malfunction as soon as possible.


Repairs and spare parts storage

Some of our devices have been in use for decades. We also guarantee the best support and repair for older devices. Your advantages:     

  • Repair by qualified personnel    
  • Use of original spare parts    
  • Inspection after each repair    
  • Returning the devices within a short time after release





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